Docent Ishi Crosby4-Days Permaculture Basic Course

starts September 27th (FULL)
there is an extra course starting October 24 >>>

with Ishi Crosby in English language

Looking for some permaculture knowledge in the The Hague area? Thinking about starting your own Permaculture Garden?
This four days course gives you a firm introduction into Permaculture Design Principles and a general feeling for the possibilities that Permaculture has to offer as efficient and natural way of producing our food. This course gives you the skills to design your own Permaculture garden and insight in how to start and maintane it.

Permaculture is a design system that enables us to cooperate with Nature in order to produce our food, energy and other needs in a sustainable way, while at the same time, restoring the landscape and rebuilding biodiversity and resilience in the Earth's ecosystems.

If we examine natural ecosystems, we see  a system of  principles. in action.

Permaculture uses these principles to develop integrated systems that efficiently fulfil our needs in food, clean water and energy..

Through the use of Pemaculture we can improve the quality of our lives, communities and surroundings.

This course gives a general introduction to Permaculture and is focused on Permaculture as a natural and efficient way of producing food.

About Ishi Crosby:

Ishi Crosby is a Permaculture Designer and Teacher with over 25 years experience in various countries. He is specialised in the design and deployment of small to mid-scale food gardens, in the countryside, suberbs and cities. In recent years  he is more oriented to Permaculture Agroforestry and is currently involved in the realisation of an Eco-Village project in the Province of Groningen here in Holland.

Course overview:

Day 1. Sunday September 27

  • Basic design principles for Permaculture gardens
  • Functions of a garden
  • The Web of Life in the soil
  • Compost, worm manure and microorganisms
  • Plant strategies for the Permaculture garden
  • Design exercise, the food garden

Day 2. Sunday October 25

  • Perennial, Annual, and Biannual plants for Permaculture food production
  • How plants can support and protect one another
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Very useful plants and their functions
  • Design excercise

Day 3. Sunday November 22

  • Trees and shrubs in the Permaculture garden
  • Fruit and Nut production
  • Prevention of pests and disease for fruit trees
  • Grow your own fuel (Energy Forests)
  • Food Forests and other Agroforestry systems
  • Food Forest design

Day 4. December 20 ->> January 24 ->> February 7th

  • Herbs and healing plants in the garden
  • Wild plants as a food source
  • Food production inside house
  • Plants that clean the air in house
  • The Permaculture garden in the winter
  • Design excercise

Practical information:

4-days Permaculture course with Ishi Crosby

4x Sunday 1x a month, from 10:00 till 17:00h.
dates: starts September 27 2020
September 27, October 25, November 22 and February 7

Fee: € 260,- or € 200,- for low-income
coffee, tea and soup included

Register: form

Eetbaar Park (Zuiderpark)/Edible Park
entrance behind Esso petrol station Vreeswijkstraat.
if locked call 06-26130464.
klick for Route Zuiderpark

Permacultuurcentrum Den Haag

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